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My name is Nabil Abdulkadir. I started working with film in high school, I did black & white film photography for two years. Fast forward to after graduation, and I took the year off. I started bringing my camera just about everywhere: art shows, parties, concerts, random trips to CVS. Many of my friends are artists of some sort, so I attend a lot of art shows. Long story short, people start asking me to shoot their concert or film them in the studio creating.. I never imagined any of this, i was just trying to have some fun.

Now that I am back in school & focused on growing my network, I work with SonyMusicU, AllourKidsDC and many creatives in DC. I continue to freelance work, mostly music and non-profit related things, but I am in no means putting myself in a box, i can produce any type of video content. 

Thanks for reading,